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Onsite Evaluations

An Accurate Parts Evaluation Can Be The Key To Improved Productivity.

With fast pace of today’s manufacturing industry, it’s more important than ever to monitor and assess your operations. And the availability of metrics and data can make it easier than ever before. But nothing can make an impact like a pair of experienced eyes. When you find a knowledgeable and experienced supplier who is willing to work as your partner, you gain an objective perspective on your operations that can boost your productivity.

At Accurate Fastening Solutions, we speak from experience. Our team can spot potential improvements with an onsite walk through your facilities.

We invite potential new customers as well as our existing customers to request a complimentary onsite evaluation at any time. We’ll look at what could be challenging your team and show you how Accurate Fastening can save you money and make your process more productive.

A Trusted Partner Committed To Improving Your Business.

What if you could improve productivity, increase yield, and potentially save thousands of dollars with a simple visit from a trusted partner?

An onsite evaluation from the expert team at Accurate Fastening Solutions can provide an objective assessment of your current situation and identify opportunities for better results, all the way to the bottom line.

The Accurate Advantage

An Onsite Evaluation Can Help Identify Production Killers.

For example, you may have data that shows a significant variance between indicated and actual usage for a particular part.

An onsite evaluation by the team from Accurate Fastening Solutions can give us firsthand knowledge about how the parts are stored, where they’re located relative to where they’re being used, and how they’re packaged prior to the assembly process.

The variance may be as simple as workers hoarding the parts in their workstations (and losing them there), because they must walk back and forth around other machinery to get the parts for their task. You could save thousands by packaging per-assembly parts and moving them closer.

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Schedule An Evaluation

Drop us a line and learn how an onsite evaluation can help improve your productivity and build on your success.