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Single Source Solution

Consolidate vendors, reduce purchase orders, and  save on shipping – all while getting the essential products you need to keep your operation moving.

Save Time, Paperwork, And Money.

At Accurate, we know it takes more than quality fasteners and components to hold your business together. We also know that efficiency is critical when it comes to maximizing production time and managing costs. That’s why we partner with suppliers that can get you virtually any product your operation needs while reducing paperwork, consolidating orders, and saving on shipping costs.

Berkshire is our go-to partner for those other essential supplies and products that keep your production line moving. We can provide many items from brands you trust, from health and safety products to hand tools and cleaning supplies. Berkshire is a dynamic organization that provides products and services required to compete in the rapidly evolving industrial marketplace.

And we make it easy, simply follow this link and search for the needed items. Send your Accurate rep the product and/or part numbers you want. We’ll get you accurate pricing so that you can make quick, informed decisions. And, we can often add it to your fastener purchase order and include it in your regular delivery.

The Accurate Advantage

We’re More Than Fasteners!

You’ve got a lot on your plate. There is no need to get bogged down sourcing all your products from multiple suppliers. Count on Accurate to deliver the “non-fastener” products you need to keep your operations running at peak performance.

Accurate is your single source for almost all or the essential supplies that keep your production moving. Through our relationship with Berkshire eSupply, we have access to more than a million industrial/MROP products from familiar and trusted brands.

  • Reduce paperwork
  • Consolidate orders
  • Save on shipping costs
  • Manage a smaller vendor list

Learn More.

Drop us a line and learn how ordering “non-fastener” products from Accurate can make ordering even easier and streamline your procurement process.