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At Accurate Fastening Solutions, we excel in providing custom fasteners and components that are engineered, manufactured, and delivered to your specifications.

Custom-Engineered And Manufactured From Print To Part.

When you work with Accurate Fastening Solutions, you work with a team of experts. We understand fasteners and components, and we excel at custom part orders. As a result, we can analyze your unique needs from an objective and experienced viewpoint and provide solutions that fit your specific situation.

We offer a full array of quality standard products. However, every application is not “standard.” So, we’ll work with your team to develop custom solutions or source unique parts that can save costs, increase efficiencies, and improve productivity. In addition to our experienced in-house team, we have an extensive network of trusted partners and resources. Plus, we keep up with the newest materials, fasteners, fastener feed systems, finishes, and coatings to suggest practical, cost-efficient solutions.

Do you have a specialized application that requires a custom solution? With our extensive industry experience and knowledge, we can help you find a solution that fits your specific needs.

Need A Custom Parts Solution?

Give us a little information to get the wheels turning and we’ll get back to you asap with a plan to get you the part you need.